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In addition, Susan is a pastor, a leader in her community, and a five-time author. Susan's writing has been featured multiple times on the Biblegateway Blogger Grid. She and her ministry have been featured in Resilience Magazine, Ilona TV, and Women Worth Following as someone making a difference in the world. Her books Confidence Looks Good On You: Exchange the Lie For the Truth of Who You Are In Christ; She Moves On: Rising from Regret, and Her Heart is Free: Rising Healed and Whole along with her two devotionals, The Confident Woman Within! and Bold and Daring Faith can be purchased on the Resources tab of this website or on Amazon. 

You can hear from Susan in the short video below.

*She Rises does not own the music in this video.

If there was one word to describe Susan it would be passionate. With over two decades of active ministry experience, Susan has filled various roles both within the local church and in faith-based organizations in her community. Whether it is through mentoring women, teaching classes, speaking at events, serving within the federal and state prison settings, writing, connecting with women on her podcast, or having a cup of coffee with a friend, Susan's heart burns with a passion to see women set free from anything holding them back from living the life Jesus came to give them.

She is passionate about helping women see themselves through the eyes of their Creator, not the lens of their past. The freedom Susan has experienced in her own life fuels that passion to boldly proclaim the words of Jesus, " shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32)

She is on a mission to see every woman awakened to purpose, aligned to biblical truth, and activated in their God-given calling.  Susan believes the Lord is mobilizing His people to rise in this hour to push back the darkness and take a stand for biblical truth in a world in spiritual crisis. "You were created with and for a purpose. What you're carrying is needed, has value, and is placed within you by God Himself to impact the lives of others for the kingdom!" -Susan

She Rises Awakened, Aligned, Activated
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